Staircases without a metal structure: an amazing design


Interior design and architecture are disciplines created to amaze the eyes of those who enter an environment.

Shapes, geometry, heights and superstructures intertwine, imposing an originality to the viewer that is often difficult to forget. In this field, every element, even the most unexpected, becomes the perfect touch that gives any location that charismatic, fascinating touch to helps make it unique.

Moreover, we very well know that originality and style must be the key ingredients of every environment, of every project.

Homes, lofts, government or corporate buildings and yachts offer the perfect opportunity to play with one's imagination and create something truly unique.

One of the structures that creates incredible visual effects is the staircase. Particularly staircases without a metal structure. Let's look at an example together.


Between sinuous lines and technology


We are very aware of the effect that staircases without a metal structure can give, because we have completed a prestigious project in which the staircase designed gave the environment that extraordinary touch.

We have made our contribution for this global leader in technologies such as computers, smartphones and tablets, by designing a metal structure that is sinuously wrapped by a huge "tube" of glass.

Designing an interlayer with such soft lines, which almost form an S between glass and steel, is not at all easy.

We have put into play all of our knowledge by creating a lightweight structure that perfectly supports the glass steps without weighing down the room. On the contrary, the staircase lends the room that charm that is typical of companies designed by enlightened architects.


How to catch the eye


The beauty of this project not only consists of having created a staircase without a full, invasive metal structure, but that it has helped to shape something extremely innovative.

The spiral structure captures the eye with a multifaceted cut, that is very geometric but is mitigated by an interlayer that lends more softness to the austere nature of the glass.

To create an even more impactful effect, it is possible to combine such a structure with a design style involving abstract works of art and fanciful colours.

The result will undoubtedly be impeccable.

As it is in this company.

Curved glass stairs