Light window tinting: privacy guaranteed at the click of a button


Certain situations may require ensuring privacy - whether of things or of people - for the most diverse reasons.

In this case, armoured doors, screened walls and security are not enough; in many circumstances, safety also involves the use of especially created glass surfaces. In such cases, the ideal solution is light window tinting, a feature that allows a transparent glass panel to become almost entirely opaque, ensuring the privacy of the people inside the cabin.

How does Isoclima respond to this need? By designing a window that meets the demand for protection and privacy.


IsoLite®, clear to opaque at the touch of a button


IsoLite® makes it as easy to tint glass as to switch a light on.

IsoLite® is a panel containing liquid crystals that switches from clear to opaque instantaneously at the touch of a button.
One of the most outstanding features of these panels is that they preserve the beauty of interiors, while quickly converting them from bright and welcoming to private and confidential.


The before and after of a great product


IsoLite® operates with incredible ease, becoming opaque and completely isolating an interior from view whenever required.

This does not imply a loss of light: the technology behind IsoLite® allows light to filter through the glass even when it is obscuring the interior from view. This is made possible by frosting, offering the option of non-intrusive privacy.

When, instead, transparency is required, the liquid crystals inside the glass are electrically activated and become instantly see-through.

Glass designed to ensure an unexpected level of discretion.