Marine wood panels and glass: how to communicate technique and design


Have you ever been on a yacht? If your answer is yes, you will know that within these "houses on water" there is a golden rule: harmony. Harmony in indoor and outdoor environments, where passengers must get the feeling of being on board an exceptional, first-class craft.

In this sense, even the floors, also called marine wood panels that are mostly assembled outside the boat, must follow a logic consistent with the overall furnishings.

What about the glass? Its task is to merge with the design, and to make the living area even more comfortable by allowing the right combination of sunlight and insulation.

A fitting example of how everything on a boat should fit perfectly, is a distinguished project that bears not only our signature, but also that of an international designer and other exceptional companies operating worldwide.

Have we aroused your curiosity?


The Sanlorenzo SD96, a yacht inspired by the sea


In designing this incredible yacht, we engaged the famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola who paid great attention to every detail in her project.

The Sanlorenzo is an ambitious project that chose Architect Urquiola as the creative and visionary mind of the vessel.

Yachts perfectly embody the decisive intent to introduce new visions into the design sector, reinterpreting the concept of space on board with innovative and unprecedented systems that offer a novel navigation experience. From the furnishings to the flooring with warm and welcoming marine wood panels, and comfortable seating in the lounge and relaxation areas almost out on the open sea, the SD96 is a floating structure fully utilising ad hoc design solutions.

Even the glass showcases our signature style.


Design that adapts to people


The Sanlorenzo key concept has been flexibility.

The design on board must continuously adapt to the needs of those who live on the boat, even in the most minute details that could go unnoticed, such as the flooring marine wood panels. This work has left nothing to chance, thus creating a flowing space where style enhances details that refrain from being invasive and, when viewed, evoke the sea.

Indeed, when we designed the Sanlorenzo SD96 glass, we envisioned the passenger's view when looking out to sea.

Windows that can be fully opened, leaving no room to the imagination, because they allow for enjoying a breath-taking skyline on board.