The production of glass of futuristic dimensions: how our chemical strengthening facility was born


The advantage of being a worldwide company is being able to meet the most important demands for innovation in all the sectors in which we operate.

Innovations satisfying the needs and desires of our customers.

It is considerations such as these that led to the establishment of our latest chemical strengthening facility, a project that represents a clear step forward in our production of large-sized sheets of glass. In this plant we create glazed surfaces measuring as many as 10 metres, thus responding to the most demanding needs of our customers. The plant stems from the requirements of certain reference markets, first and foremost large yachts in the naval sector and large glass façades in the field of architecture, bringing these requirements together in a single, innovative plant.


How our chemical strengthening plant operates

Companies that adopt innovative technologies and facilities usually do so with the sole purpose of competing with other companies in their sector.

At Isoclima, we too have created a chemical strengthening facility to increase our presence in Italy and abroad, and to become even more competitive. But that's not all. Our desire for expansion and innovation results from the desire to say “yes” to any request, thus achieving what others cannot. Hence, we have installed accessory lines for cutting, grinding, bending and layering large sheets of glass that can be processed by chemical strengthening. We create glass measuring up to a maximum of 10 x 3.2 metres, thus becoming the only manufacturer in the world capable of process such large sheets of glass by chemical strengthening.

At Isoclima, we use both chemical strengthening and thermal tempering. The choice depends on the characteristics and performance required of the finished product    


Why chemical strengthening should be preferred over thermal tempering in certain cases

The production of large sheets of glass at our chemical strengthening plant takes place through the use ion-exchange chemical strengthening, a choice that sets us apart from our competitors.
The benefits include:

-                     No optical distortion;

-                     No risk of spontaneous breakage after processing;

-                     Repetitive, ever-excellent results: our glass is certified to withstand pressure and impact; thermally tempered glass resists impact twice as much as normal glass, while the resistance of chemically strengthened glass is 5 times higher than that of normal glass;

-                     Surface resistance to oxidation and limescale.

Moreover, we can produce glass that is not only resistant, but also very light, as well as flat or curved, with a thickness ranging from 0.75 to 25 mm.
Wondering what other amazing properties our innovative plant possesses? We can accommodate requests from the maritime sector, but our chemical strengthening furnace is also ideal for smaller jobs and for other sectors requiring products that are a pure expression of technology and innovation.