Shatterproof glass thickness: the full advantages of an Isoclima product


Those who have already tried our products are well aware that the Isoclima shatterproof glass thickness is so safe that it guarantees protection even in the most dangerous situations. To achieve these results, we have invested energy and resources directed at our Research & Development department, while aiming our extensive knowledge in this field at ensuring the most suitable thickness to withstand external attacks. How does our technology work? Through product testing, including standards and mechanical tests; our glass panels must pass numerous assessments that guarantee the highest quality.

How the Isoclima glass production takes place

The thickness of the shatterproof glass is an element that requires a lot of attention so that it can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Because of this, our glass is often made on original surfaces that, through our technologies, are transformed into shatterproof glass. During this stage, in case of original glass, we use or add materials that strengthen the glass and make it “indifferent” to any external stress. One of the advantages lies in the quality of the product: our glass brand is long lasting because it is the result of production processes in line with the strictest rules of the parent companies.
The shatterproof glass, although thick, does not affect the structure on which it will be installed. In the event that the glass is installed on a car, the expected thickness is so minimal that it does not require changes to the design, nor to the sliding system of the glass itself. All this is also achieved by meeting the product’s national and international standards, and by protecting those who deal with these processes during the testing stage.

Safety at all times, also during testing

If there is one thing we haven’t discussed much, it’s the safety levels we adopt when testing our products. We don’t just guarantee safe anti-penetration glass of a specific thickness, but also the safety of the staff actively involved in our production process. Our safety protocols also take into account the risks arising from the execution of such tests, specifying any possible danger to operators at every stage of the process. To prevent any kind of danger, we provide our employees with all the necessary personal safety devices so as to protect them and minimise the occurrence of unpleasant incidents.
Because the safety of people is and always will be our top priority.