From Bulgari to security doors for private and state buildings and banks: some of our most illustrious projects with anti-penetration tempered glass


From Bulgari to security doors for private and state buildings and banks: some of our most illustrious projects with anti-penetration tempered glass

Anyone who thinks that a highly resistant product cannot be beautiful and give shape to something incredible is clearly unfamiliar with Isoclima. Tempered anti-penetration glass is one of our most prestigious and popular creations, both for its extraordinary safety and for its incredible versatility and its ability to adapt to every design need. We really are very competent at developing such creations. We have gone from producing glass for the building industry to offering innovative surfaces for the maritime and luxury worlds.

Tempered smash-proof glass is our guarantee of protection for people and objects. Find out some of the brands that have chosen us.


Apple, Bulgari and the Quirinal Palace have all chosen Isoclima


Technology, fashion and state-owned venues require enormous protection and security guarantees. For Apple, we built a set of stairs with innovative interlayers, while our tempered smash-proof glass has been chosen for the window displays of jewellers, Italian and foreign embassies, and the Quirinale Palace. One of our latest works is situated in Paris, in Bulgari’s flagship store in the renowned Place Vendôme. Here, we have developed a dome made up of 90 pieces of insulating glass, a special glass offering high protection against burglary and infrared radiations emitted through the glazing. An achievement that is also visually impressive: the shape of the dome calls to mind a multifaceted diamond. Chic and ever so special.


New co-design techniques


Isoclima’s customer service is based on a 1:1 approach resulting in every stage of product development and installation being performed alongside the customer. Our team presents every design through a series of software applications through which we can keep the customer up-to-date on work progress and management almost in real time, from design through to implementation and after sales.

This “way of thinking” makes us the first port of call for companies requiring our products. Isoclima’s tempered smash-proof glass is also used by a company that produces armoured doors for banks and high-risk buildings. Security portals, as they are called in technical jargon, are cabins that allow one person to enter and exit a building at a time in conditions of maximum safety. Isoclima was chosen for the glass surfaces for these security portals, because the reliability of our brand is a guarantee of absolute safety.