Isoclima Group, an expanding reality


In 2022 the group confirmed its leadership in the armored glass sector

“2022 for Isoclima is proving to be a year of recovery after the difficult period that we all had to face in the previous two years. But at the same time, it is a year of consolidation and represents a fundamental stage to meet five years of growth in the markets and in the niches congenial to the company ", says Daniele Santi, commercial director of Isoclima, thus underlining the role of leader of the Group in creation of high-quality glass and transparent surfaces, products of the highest technological value that derive from an engineering process undertaken together with the customer. "We are experiencing exponential growth in the yachting sector, which pushes us to organize strategic adaptation activities for the organization and systems - explains Santi -. More generally, I can confirm that our gaze is increasingly projected towards the future: we have been chewing on innovation since 1977, the year the company was founded, and we have never ceased to favor challenges ". Today Isoclima Group has 7 production plants, 120 patents, 1,100 employees (100 more units in the first quarter of 2022), over 500 customers, and 500,000 square meters of glass produced. In particular, it provides transparent protection solutions - in glass, polycarbonate or acrylic - for applications ranging from armored vehicles to helicopters, from luxury cars to yachts, from railways to aerospace. The expansion of the company had already begun in the mid-90s with the acquisition of other important glass industries, in Mexico, and at the beginning of 2000, in Croatia. Since 2017, the entire multinational group has joined the Stirling Square Capital Partners investment fund. In 2021, the US companies Dlubak Specialty Glazing corporation (Pennsylvania) and Global Security Glazing (Alabama) were acquired, which were merged under the sole control of Isoclima Specialty Glass LLC. But how is glass made resistant to impact and mechanical stress? “There are essentially two processes that allow this: chemical strengthening and thermal toughening - explains Santi -. Chemical strengthening acts differently from thermal toughening, even if the purpose of the product is the same. In Isoclima it was decided to invest in chemical strengthening because it is more suited to the company's core business. On this front, 2022 represents an important turning point for us. We have installed, in the Este factory, a plant capable of processing 10-meter sheets. It is undoubtedly the largest plant in Europe, if not worldwide. And the results, in fact, were not long in coming: the laminated spherical glass intended for the naval sector is a product of high engineering and aesthetics with unique characteristics, such as 3D multi-radius curvature, perfectly aligned and precise dimensions and geometries for a final performance. which unequivocally bears our signature ". But that is not all. “Sustainability is also part of our strategic development plan, whose annual performance is communicated through the ESG Report. There are numerous projects and initiatives in progress that lead us to tackle a virtuous path of designing sustainable products, both by satisfying the demands of the market and by supporting customers to push in this direction, to which is added a virtuous internal behavior ", concludes Santi.