About us

Isoclima, your Innovative transparent solutions

World leader on the high-performance glazing solutions scene, the Isoclima brand stands for excellence in the development of stylish, design-packed products engineered to provide security on land, sea, and in the air.


R&D, know-how and unbeatable production quality come together in the development of innovative solutions, built and tailored to the customer's demands, for results that reflect the highest industry standards.

A highly experienced team, and a widespread international presence, make Isoclima the go-to experts in the industry, constantly seeking new solutions to revolutionize the "transparent protection" market.


"Designing and producing high-quality, hi-tech custom glazing solutions, staying ahead of our customers' expectations in terms of innovation and excellence"


"Allowing current and future generations to «see through», combining safety, performance and elegance, while staying true to our green credentials"


Customer-centric approach  

Integrity and transparency

Team spirit

A passion for excellence and results-oriented culture

Accountability to individuals and society as a whole

To boldy innovate...