Laying firm foundations for unique projects

Isoclima solutions are the heroes of several major ambitious architectural projects for industry and retail thanks to their remarkable technological contribution, which makes them a valuable tool to be wielded by leading designers and used in the most impressive buildings.

We think outside the box

Some of the best known solutions include staircases with no metal structure comprising curved panels and glass treads engineered and held together by metal elements at precise points. Installed in leading retail chains, they are climbed by millions of people every day. The whole structure is produced by the largest bending line in Europe, the jewel in Isoclima's crown.

With our experience, not only are we able to produce solutions like this, but we can also test them to 100% ensure they meet the required standards in terms of mechanical strength.

Security first

Isoclima also offers the architectural community the full range of products that the security market demands (smash-proof, bulletproof, etc.), making us one of the most highly regarded international players in the market.