Gentlemen, start your innovation!

Lengthy experience in the market, working closely alongside some of the most illustrious international car makers, and our focus on perfection, have made Isoclima one of the most reliable players in the automotive industry, thanks to high-value solutions that cater to a multitude of applications.

Unbeatable protection

We have developed security glazing with the option of incorporating steel solutions, for impressive performance in even the most critical areas.

The Isoclima evolution process has enhanced ballistic and smash-proof solutions with added value by introducing new functions, like anti-fogging systems featuring microfilament heating elements, or clear, conductive nanocoatings, radio, TV and GPS aerials, as well as highly efficient protection against infrared radiation.

Luxury cars

Drawing on in-depth experience in the industry and on our manufacturing capabilities and adaptability, we can offer high-quality products both to car manufacturers requiring small runs for developing and testing new vehicles, and to companies operating in market niches representing premium brands.

Prototypes and custom built

Given our ability to design and develop limited series, companies in the Isoclima group have been commissioned by many leading vehicle manufacturers and design centres to supply high-quality, cutting-edge glass and polycarbonate products for their prototypes and "show cars".



By translating our aviation experience and channelling multi-industry know-how in working with plastic or hybrids, we have also managed to turn transparencies into a component that is key to victory. Strength, visibility, safety, combined with aerodynamics, make Isoclima the first port of call for numerous, prestigious teams.

Custom flexibility

This evolution has been thoroughly researched and developed by Isoclima to allow us to offer unbeatable flexibility and scope for customization to all our partners wanting to design their vehicles without having to put the brakes on creativity (one-offs and show cars) and on innovation opportunities.