Alfa Romeo Tonale: The New Panther of the Italian Police



On 29 November in Turin, at the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the first Alfa Romeo Tonale was delivered, which will become part of the fleet of State Police vehicles.

The new Pantera, with its sporty and captivating style, will be distributed to the general prevention and public rescue offices of all police stations and the main police stations, starting from December. In total, 850 vehicles will become part of the State Police within the first half of 2024 as part of a 2022 Consip tender aimed at law enforcement agencies and won by Stellantis.

The vehicle is equipped with technologically advanced elements, including the transparent ones supplied by Isoclima: bulletproof windshield, equipped with special armouring, side windows, shutters and rear window in shatterproof version.

Over the years, Isoclima's contribution to the safety of Alfa Romeo cars has been fundamental.

From 2023 to 2006 - semi-armored Alfa Romeo 156, destined for the Carabinieri. Approximately 2000 cars produced.
From 2006 to 2011 - Semi-armoured Alfa Romeo 159, with bulletproof windshields and shatterproof sides, intended for the State Police and Carabinieri. Approximately 2000 pieces produced.
From 2010 to 2020 - Alfa Romeo Giulietta, destined for the State Police and Carabinieri. Produced more than 1000 completely shatterproof cars and over 1500 armored vehicles.
From 2016 to the present day - Alfa Romeo Giulia. Produced approximately 2450 cars for the State Police and Carabinieri. The project also included 20 fully armored examples for the safety of Heads of State.
From 2016 to the present time - Alfa Romeo Stelvio, approximately 250 fully armored cars intended for escort services to authorities and special services.

We are proud to continue our multi-year partnership with the STELLANTIS Group and to make our contribution to the protection of vehicles intended for law enforcement.