Technological innovation: the future of smart glass



Already known to many the Cromalite Plus® glass is a elettrocromical glass or "smart-glazing" that combines two innovative technologies: the first is the "fast-switchable" technology, and the second is known as "infrared-solar-near control". The first is based on the principle of controlling transparency through dipolar nanoparticles, while the second uses an interference stratagem of thin films to reflect harmful solar radiation. This combination of technologies allows precise control of brightness and temperature within environments, offering a state-of-the-art solution for a wide range of applications.

Why choose it

The main features of the Cromalite Plus® make it an attractive option for those looking for reliable and responsive performance. Its immediate reaction allows a complete color transition in just 1-2 seconds, regardless of the size of the device. In addition, the uniform and precise dimming control allows, in its LIGHT and DARK versions, to adjust the transparency of sunlight from 2% to 55%, offering optimal flexibility and comfort. These performances are guaranteed in any condition and on any area of the film, ensuring a uniform and satisfying experience for users. Its modular construction also allows the possibility of combining it effectively with additional features, structural and color.

Our core values: comfort and environmental sustainability

The transparent Cromalite Plus® not only improves living comfort, reducing glare and optimizing the use of natural light, but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By reducing the solar factor by up to 22% and completely canceling the transmission of the ultraviolet component of solar ultraviolet radiation (harmful UV), this device helps reduce the carbon footprint and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition, its ability to dynamically modulate the transmission of visible and direct sunlight light makes it an ideal choice for those looking for energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Cromalite Plusľ represents the future of smart glass, offering high performance, optimal comfort and greater environmental sustainability. Thanks to its innovative technology and exceptional features, it is destined to become a preferred solution for architects, designers, yacht owners and vehicles seeking the ultimate in quality, efficiency and design.