Glass dimming: Isoclima's technology blending creativity and innovation



What can you expect from a glass surface when choosing a dimming technology? We have asked ourselves many times and come to a unanimous conclusion: comfort and convenience.

This we have achieved with CromaLite®, an original Isoclima-branded glass that offers a creative and environmentally friendly solution.

This product, like all the others we produce, required extensive tests and trials to find the perfect solution to multiple needs.

Let's see how.


From ideation to creation


CromaLite® responds to the needs of customers requiring top-of-the-range glass panes offering classic protection but also an exceptional and unique advantage:

glass that not only satisfies the need for dimming, but also offers additional characteristics such as colour and reaction times.

CromaLite® features a new type of Suspended Particle Device (SPD) film based on the principle of “free transmittance control”. This principle involves the application of newly formulated electro-nanoparticles between conductive layers that allow light to pass when electricity is applied, and that change the arrangement of the particles according to the voltage level. In this case, there is a change from dark to light, with a colour transition in 1-2 sec/m2, regardless of the size of the glass.


Unexpected technology, to say the least


What is surprising about CromaLite® is the speed of reaction of the glass dimming process.

The crystal's response from light to dark is so fast it is almost unreal, and this happens no matter the size: the discolouration reaction begins and ends simultaneously in every area of the film, ensuring greater colour uniformity and higher resistance to bursts of sunlight.

In addition, we have equipped CromaLite® with customisable dimming control (continuous colouring). Transmittance from dark to light or vice versa can be freely adjusted in a range from 1% to 60%.

All this does is increase the usable space, reduce glare by means of mechanical dimming, and preserve optimal visibility.

Privacy and visibility are equally guaranteed by CromaLite®.

Moreover, thanks to its ability to improve thermal comfort, it reduces energy consumption by up to 20%, and the cooling and light load by 40%.

There’s not a lot to say, except that this glass is incredible, in every way.