Glass for the shipbuilding industry: how we lightened the first Sanlorenzo SP110



Working on very high-profile projects like this one is always a great honour because it allows us to become involved with achievements that stand out for their uniqueness and singularity.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing glass for the shipbuilding industry, there are many dynamics we have to deal with: from the technical and mechanical aspects of the surface to the more “creative” aspects concerning the design of the yacht for which our glass is intended.
Sanlorenzo, a leading company that has been building yachts since 1958 with a “boutique-style” philosophy of great elegance and class, chose us to design the glass elements of the first model of its brand new open series, the Sanlorenzo SP110, born to offer maximum performance with minimum consumption.


Lightweight glass for supreme quality


The aim of our customer, Sanlorenzo, was clear from the outset: to create a yacht that would offer the owner high power, while keeping consumption low.
As a result, we designed a type of glass specifically for the shipbuilding industry, in which the synergistic ability of our R&D department played a decisive role.

The latest technologies developed in our facilities have enabled us to choose the right processes and materials to meet the requirements of the customer and reach an important milestone in terms of lightening the entire yacht. When work was completed, we realised just how crucial our contribution was to kick-starting a new generation of yachts: vessels that are more powerful, more incredible, and undoubtedly more sustainable.


How to lower consumption without compromising performance


Reducing the consumption of a vessel requires a considerable amount of technical know-how.

The design will have multiple goals and requires a variety of skills. The shipbuilding glass we created for the Sanlorenzo SP110 is specifically designed to reduce consumption, increase the performance of the yacht and enable it to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We did this by designing a laminated glass with UV protection that provides excellent visibility and clarity on board.

Moreover, the Sanlorenzo SP110 features our VisionPlus®, innovative glass surfaces that match the colour and design of the yacht.

The size is also considerable, as is the whole project: the 5-metre length glass required by the customer did not prevent us from lightening it, with the approval of the ship classification registers.

An all-round success bearing Isoclima’s unmistakable signature.