High performance glass: as in Isoclima Italy we exploit the high performance of an incredible material



In the production and design of high performance glass projects, we stand out for our continuous search for excellence and quality. With over 500 employees and 5 production sites, we are committed to creating products designed to ensure the personal safety and protection of our customers on land, in the air and at sea. Our company is positioned in various industries, including aviation, marine, automotive, safety, rail transport and architecture, providing innovative and customized solutions that combine high performance with cutting-edge design.

A little of our ingenuity flies in the skies of the whole world

With a passion for innovation, we have taken the development of specific glass solutions for aviation to new levels. The meticulous use of materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and glass has allowed the creation of advanced compounds using cutting-edge production technologies. These materials offer strength and safety without compromising transparency, allowing the creation of glazing solutions suitable for aircraft and private jets. Our commitment to research and innovation has made us a benchmark in the industry, providing solutions that ensure superior safety, design and performance. When a customer in the aviation industry looks for high performance transparent, they know that we are the only ones to guarantee it. Our solutions fly on hundreds of planes and helicopters, and are designed to cope with complicated solutions like bird strike

Versatility and innovation

In addition to aviation, our high-performance glass applications extend to a variety of industries. In the yacht sector, we have combined chemical reinforcements and solar control glasses, creating sinuous and functional lines with important dimensions for luxury boats. In the automotive market, we offer high-quality products for the development and testing of new vehicles as well as for luxury cars, prototypes and racing vehicles. Also in the security sector, Isoclima is a leader, offering advanced security solutions and products in compliance with the most stringent military standards. Our presence in railway translates into tailor-made glass solutions for trains, metros and trams, ensuring safety and innovative design. In architecture, however, our solutions range from stairs without metal structure to glazing in large retail chains, providing attractive and safe designs.

Isoclima’s ongoing commitment to offering innovative, high-performance glass solutions in various industries demonstrates our versatility and leadership in the glass industry. The combination of advanced technologies, cutting-edge design and commitment to excellence allows us to meet customer needs and exceed market expectations.