Isoclima in Mexico: the world leader in safety glass



In the warm atmosphere of Mexicali, stands a company that has made safety its distinctive brand. Isoclima de Mexico, SA de CV, is a world leader in the safety glass sector, with an established reputation in the production of transparent armored glass. With a history of excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality, Isoclima de Mexico offers high-level glass and security solutions, keeping the innovation and technology of its solutions at the core.


Customized solutions for the world of armored vehicles


Isoclima in Mexico stands out in the sector of civil and military armored vehicles. Our company is able to meet the needs of the most demanding car manufacturers, offering high quality products for vehicles under development and testing. Thanks to our ability to design and produce limited series, we collaborate with major manufacturers and design centers to supply top quality glass and polycarbonate for prototypes and "show cars". Furthermore, as a leader in the CIT (Cash-In-Transit) vehicle industry, we offer secure transfer solutions for valuable products, ensuring maximum security compliant with global standards.


From railways to architecture: versatility and quality on all fronts


Isoclima in Mexico is not limited to the automotive sector, but also offers innovative solutions for rail transport and architecture. With a wide range of products, including windshields, passenger glass and interior glass, we adapt to any railway, subway or tram vehicle. In addition to security, we also offer customized architectural solutions, meeting the needs of the most complex projects. Isoclima Specialty Glass is our flagship: it offers a complete line of curved and flat glass products for the architectural glass industry for application in banks, offices, residential or government buildings. With our continuously expanding production capabilities, we are ready to satisfy every request, guaranteeing quality and innovation in every part of the world.


Our experience in glass sector for a safe future


With over 90 highly qualified employees and a state-of-the-art production site, Isoclima's headquarters in Mexico is committed to staying abreast of market needs and anticipating the challenges of the future. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our constant research and development of advanced glass solutions, designed to ensure maximum safety and optimal performance. Our global presence and established reputation make us a reliable partner for customers around the world, who seek high-quality glass solutions for a wide range of applications. With Isoclima de Mexico, the future of security is more transparent than ever.