Glass for the automotive sector: defining the future of Hypercars. Lipik Glas and collaboration with Koenigsegg for innovative glass technology from Gemera



The world of leading engineering and glass for the automotive sector has a new and innovative collaboration: the partnership between Lipik Glas and Koenigsegg Automotive, which has brought to light a true masterpiece: the incredible Gemera. As a partner of Koenigsegg, Lipik Glas played a crucial role in the development of Gemera, offering its experience in the automotive glass industry and thus contributing to the creation of an innovative four-seater hypercar equipped with revolutionary transparent technology. The pulsating core of the revolutionary Gemera design is represented by an extremely sophisticated glasshouse, with a particular emphasis on the windshield characterized by a marked curvature that envelops the front pillar area with elegance.
Through close synergy with Koenigsegg’s engineering and design teams, Lipik Glas has dedicated herself to the challenge of creating a windshield that not only embodies a complex shape, but also meets strict legal and performance standards. The end result is an extraordinary innovation in the field of motoring: a windshield that seamlessly blends form and function, thus representing an epic evolution in automotive design.

The pillars of the development project

In this project the absolute priority was the creation of a glass for the automotive sector that combined safety and comfort. Lipik Glas has taken on a daunting challenge, using cutting-edge materials to ensure a superior travel experience both in terms of protection and well-being on board. The front doors, authentic works of engineering, feature a distinctive two-part design, combining fixed and mobile glass elements with elegance and functionality. This solution not only adds a touch of aesthetic refinement, but also ensures a perfect harmony between style and practicality.

The attractiveness of the Gemera extends far beyond its imposing windshield and sophisticated doors; the whole set of glass wraps the cabin in a panoramic enchantment. The touch of class is given by the vast panoramic roof, which gives the occupants a breathtaking view of the surrounding world.
A characteristic that radically transforms the driving experience, creating a tangible link with the surrounding environment and giving sensations of freedom and connection with the road.

In the forefront of the latest generation

Building on a solid foundation and a common vision of technology leadership, Lipik Glas and Koenigsegg embarked on a journey towards innovation in the automotive glass industry. One innovation that stands out is the integration of Lipik Glas' exclusive Cromalite© technology into the panoramic roof of the Gemera.

This revolutionary technology allows unprecedented control over the transparency of the roof, giving passengers a tailor-made driving experience. As the Gemera speeds elegantly towards a bright future, it becomes at the same time a symbol of the strength of collaboration between two leaders in the sector, linked by a common vision of excellence and determined to push the boundaries of innovation in the world of hypercars.

The tight schedule of the project was a further demonstration of the determination and commitment with which Lipik Glas and Koenigsegg have carried out this extraordinary feat, bringing from conception to the realization of a product of excellence in less than six months from project launch to first off product supply.