Isoclima in Croatia: a success story with ancient roots


The company LIPIK GLAS d.o.o. has a long history in the glass industry, with roots dating back to the nineteenth century in Lipik, Croatia. Founded in 1963 as a factory that produced drawn glass, printed glass and U-Glass, the company has become in effect an extension on the territory of Isoclima in Croatia, and has followed a path of constant growth over the years of which we are very proud.
In 2002, he joined the prestigious Italian group "Isoclima Group", bringing with him a rich legacy of craftsmanship and innovation in the glass sector that has been for us an excellent starting point for projects of innovation and safety.

Automotive, the core business

Since 2003, after significant investments and renovations, LIPIK GLAS d.o.o. has started the series production of high-performance automotive glazing for low-volume, high-budget vehicles.
These glasses, used by the best luxury car brands in the world, represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the automotive sector, as well as asserting with strength and determination the presence of Isoclima in Croatia.
Lipik Glas is not limited to the production of standard glass, but offers a wide range of customized solutions, including acoustic and solar control glass, integrated heating systems, Gorilla glass, exclusive Cromalite© technology and much more.

Prestigious awards and success stories


The dedication to excellence and innovation of LIPIK GLAS d.o.o. has been recognized with numerous awards and awards.

Winners of the Golden Kuna in 2016 and 2018, the company was also nominated for the prestigious award in the category of the most successful medium-sized commercial company in the Republic of Croatia.

In 2018, LIPIK GLAS d.o.o. was awarded the Požeško-Slavonska County Annual Award, confirming its leading role in the industry. Also in 2020, the company was named among the best large commercial entities in Croatia and won the Golden Kuna as the most successful large commercial company in the county of Požeško-Slavonska. Our Croatian district boasts numerous other certifications, evidence of a work conducted according to the strict dictates of the sector. From ISO 9001:2015 on the Quality of Management Systems to IATF 16949:2016 certification on the standards of the Automotive world, without forgetting ISO 14001:2015 that attests to the correct management of environmental policies. The list of certifications does not stop here: there are many others concerning health and safety (ISO 45001) and ISO 50001 on Energy Management.

Isoclima in Croatia is a benchmark in the high-performance glass sector, combining a tradition of craftsmanship excellence with a constant search for innovation. With a team of 249 dedicated people and a headquarters in Lipik, the company continues to lead the way to the future by offering cutting-edge glass solutions for the automotive and railway industries.