Le mille vite del vetro


We are pleased to inform you that on 24 May 2024, at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, the event "Le mille vite del vetro" (The thousand lives of glass) will be held, organized by the Italian Chapter of the American Ceramic Society .

The initiative, founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing together companies and researchers working in the glass sector, The aim is to share the most innovative ideas developed in the laboratories and transfer them to interested companies to explore new opportunities offered by this extraordinary material with a thousand-year history. This is the third edition after that of 2019 and 2022. Isoclima SpA has contributed to the sponsorship of the event in order to promote events of high scientific profile. In addition to its contribution as a sponsor, Isoclima will also participate directly in the event, with scientific contributions resulting from the international collaboration of its R&D department with some of the world’s leading glass scientists.

Dr. Guglielmo Macrelli, Chief Technical Officer of Isoclima, will attend the event as speaker with the speech "Sustainable glass technologies for thinner yet stronger glass products" which sees as co-authors: Arun K.Varshneya of Alfred University (USA), John C. Mauro of Penn State University (USA) and Stefan Karlsson of RI.SE (Sweden) and will participate as co-author in the speech " Flexible glass: from the legend to the forefront of photonic research" presented at the event by Giancarlo Righini of CNR-IFAC (Florence-Italy) which sees as co-authors, in addition to Guglielmo Macrelli, Maurizio Ferrari of the CNR-Institute of photonics and nanotechnologies (Trento-Italy) and Anna Lukoviak of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland).