Insulating glass is designed to insulate the internal environment from the outside and so maintain a constant temperature, from which the concept of climate control can be extrapolated.

It was from here, and from a wish to emphasise its protective properties, that the glass that protects and also maintains a constant temperature took its name - ISOCLIMA.

In physics, the flow of fluids is represented by arrows indicating the direction of flow itself. Arrow thickness very often indicates the size of the flow.

When insulating glass encounters hot or cold airflow, it presents an obstacle to the flow itself, which is thus repelled.

The two arrows symbolise external airflow against the insulating glass that is then repelled, and internal airflow that, similarly, is contained within the internal environment.

At the same time, the deflected arrows can also be read as representing the principle of bullet-proof glass, and, more generally, protection against external agents. The logo of the two opposing arrows was thus created, now recognised worldwide as a symbol of hi-tech glazing.