Isoclima returns to the Monaco Yacht Show, the event dedicated to the world of superyachts.



From 28th to 30th September 2023 will be held the world's biggest and prestigious international yachting exhibition: the Monaco Yacht Show.

This major trade show is a unique opportunity to meet our friends and customers from all over the world, in the port de Monaco’s exclusive setting.

The international show is dedicated to the most important shipyards and leading companies in the yachting sector. This will represent an interesting opportunity to present our innovations and new projects we are developing.

ISOCLIMA will be pleased to welcome you at our Stand AL2, Quai ALBERT I er, to show you some of its famous transparent panels designed to meet the needs of the nautical world.

VisionPlus ® is a panel which, by means of superficial dots on the glass, allows a “one-way” vision. Looking from the outside, it appears as a uniform, coloured and compact surface while granting transparency from the inside, which is guaranteed by the differentiated double-sided processing.

Stair glass balustrade

It is a 21 mm chemically tempered glass with an elliptical curvature and a polished edge finish which is part of a spiral staircase built for a yacht.

Marine Solar Shield

Laminated glazing for marine applications with advanced solar control functionalities.

Marine Solar shield is an innovative transparent product for marine applications combining structural characteristics of laminated glazing with highly selective solar control functionalities which can be provided by thin film coating deposited on glass surfaces.

By this product Isoclima identifies the opportunity to offer to its customers a new type of product where strength and structural reliability are optimized by the integration in the cross-section coated glass panes with state-of-the art low emissivity solar control coatings.

In “Marine Solar Shield” they are combined and optimized structural performances of glass achieved by the most advanced ion-exchange chemical strengthening technologies with solar protection performances achieved by multilayer highly selective coatings reflecting almost completely the infrared component of the solar radiation while transmitting the only components in the visible range

Finally, an absolutely revolutionary new product PowerGlax will be exhibited there.

This is the photovoltaic of the future, that is, transparent and technologically advanced glass capable of exploiting sunlight for energy production.

Photovoltaic glass is based on the functionalization of standard glass sheets which, thanks to an innovative nano-molecular technology, are able to produce clean, renewable, and unlimited energy: the right energy for a transparent future!

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ISOCLIMA has got a worldwide and old experience on the glass design and construction of flat and curved ones with new technologies able to give our customers a unique solution to transform their ideas into transparent surfaces.