Isoclima and the marine world: a love that knows no bounds


Isoclima and the marine world: a love that knows no bounds


Do you ever look at the sea, scan its horizon, and feel a profound sensation of infinity? The idea of boundlessness that the sea can provide is unique. Few things in the world can transmit similar emotions. Here at Isoclima Group, we also have a unique relationship with the marine world, proposing our innovative naval solutions that are avant-garde, creative, sophisticated, incredible, and simply amazing.

Our love for the yachting sector is exactly like the sea: infinite. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a story of passion and courage, accompanied with a pinch of entrepreneurial vision. Indeed, in our work, both our metaphorical and actual vision are our greatest allies; it is what allow us to take bigger and bigger and increasingly fabulous steps.


Heart, mind, and vision


If we had to define the factors that led us to be absolute leaders in the naval sector we would undoubtedly choose:passion, because each process comes from our heart; mind, because we can thank the extreme acumen of those who founded Isoclima for having come this far; vision, because we never set limits upon ourselves. Of course, we have always defined targets and goals, but only to overcome them and achieve much more. Anyone who knows us: knows that we can design boats bordering on what is feasible, which means that we can make the impossible possible. One of our strengths is to offer turnkey solutions, with an approach that merges with Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Each of our projects is a propagation, a think-tank of ideas: we work closely with designers and architects, because creativity and technique go hand in hand. They imagine it, we make it possible.


We anchor, we set sail: these are our strengths


State-of-the-art plant engineering, extremely high profile management, incredible products. Taking care of the naval sector as we do is certainly not an easy task. Taking care of serial yachts, mega yachts and giga yachts projects and becoming a leader in this area, means strongly believing in what you are doing and progressively improving yourself. Our processes know no boundaries. We are present in the largest mega yacht yards in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. At Isoclima Group, if there is something we are really good at, it is exceeding expectations. The production and the extreme curvature of our products are absolutely stunning, as are the overall geometries and optical capability. All this is possible thanks to our production plants, which in terms of quality and capacity cannot be found elsewhere. Do you want an example? Our glass bending curvature which allows us to process glass sheets up to 10 metres in size with an extreme, complex curvature; something that has allowed Isoclima to excel in the glass industry.

Glasses that sparkle and shine, making any vessel more beautiful and impactful, with excellent quality and transparency.

A real gem of the naval sector that bears the signature of Isoclima Group.