Isoclima leader in the production of glass for the Security sector alongside Mercedes-Benz



For over 30 years, Isoclima has been working with Mercedes-Benz to provide high-quality armored glass, designed to meet the most stringent market demands. Isoclima has been offering advanced solutions for the Mercedes Benz Guard family models (G-Class Guard, S-Guard, Maybach Guard and Pullman Guard) for years thanks to the OmniArmor technology. Excellent example of armored glass, equipped with a special integrated protection, is designed to withstand bullets, splinters and extreme attacks, ensuring maximum safety and reliability in compliance with other levels of current regulations.


Safety at the top with Mercedes-Benz Guard

With a history of over thirty years, Mercedes-Benz stands for high-quality armored vehicles. When it comes to armored glass, the Star Guards, intended for heads of state, public figures and entrepreneurs who require the highest level of security, represent excellence in the field. The seventh generation of the S-Class, certified for maximum ballistic protection, offers a unique driving experience. Despite the reduced thickness compared to equivalent solutions available on the market, armoured glass is designed to protect occupants from attacks with high calibre bullets and explosions, ensuring safety and tranquility in any situation, even in the most extreme.

Innovation and safety certifications

In addition to armour plating, the S-Class Guard offers glass with a multilayer structure reinforced with a polycarbonate anti-theft protection. The windows, not electric but pneumatic, ensure perfect functionality and resistance. The Erv (Explosive Resistant Vehicles) certification ensures compliance with the highest safety standards, while the use of Primus dummies allows you to accurately simulate the effects of impacts and explosions on occupants. These dummies, the result of research and development of the joint effort between the Polytechnic University of Berlin and the Htw University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, are extremely reliable in simulating the consequences of similar accidents. Isoclima is therefore proud to have passed all the required tests and certifications and to have its product as an integral part of these highly innovative vehicles. 

With Isoclima alongside Mercedes-Benz, safety becomes synonymous with innovation and quality, offering advanced armored glass solutions for the most exclusive and prestigious vehicles.