Behind every great company there are great people: these are ours


Behind every great company there are great people: these are ours


For a company such as Isoclima, what is the secret to success? For us it's the people, priceless and multifaceted resource rich in diversity.

Our products don't reach the marketplace by themselves. They get there thanks to a team of a thousand professionals working with passion and great dedication. Working with a team of special people is one of those rare things in life that make one feel fortunate.

Those who work at Isoclima make an active contribution by continuously striving for innovation and excellence in creating transparent solutions for our customers. A simple love for what they do is what connects them to their work, a love that allows them to be themselves and fully express their creativity.


Numbers that talk


We've seen the Isoclima family grow and expand in just a few years. At our foundation in 1977, we wanted to do something important for ourselves, for the market and for our co-workers. We thus built what many call “the employee department”, which we call our co-workers and extended family. Looking back, our expectations for human capital were greatly and decisively exceeded.

The numbers demonstrate unstoppable growth: in 2016, Isoclima had about 700 employees, while today it has about 1,000, and we don't intend to stop.

We believe these statistics are the result of establishing an environment where people can express their true potential. A corporate eco-system that we created naturally, where valuing people seemed to us the most natural thing to do.


Talent and training: how Isoclima's best products were created


We don't just firmly believe in talent, naturally finding a balance between soft and hard skills, we also regard it as a gift that is continuously evolving. It's not by chance that we invest so much in training our employees, by means of specialist and refresher courses that are the basis for working effectively at Isoclima. We want to maximise the rich diversity within the Isoclima Group by hiring new talent to join this family that is closely united yet distributed across the world. We don't hire people to make them feel like a number but to play an active role in important projects, to harness their ambitions and transform them into Isoclima products.