Rail transparencies: the glass for the railway sector between safety, innovation and reliability


Our long-standing partnership with global giants in the railway industry based on trust and expertise has led to the development of reliable products that we have been offering for years. Thanks to our experience our customers find in our durable and high-quality glass, essential solutions for the safety and reliability of their trains. This trust is the foundation of our partnership and guides us every day to exceed their expectations.

Responding to needs by raising quality standards from time to time

In our laboratories we strictly comply with the technical standards required in the railway sector, from EN15152 to ECE R43, ensuring that each glass we produce meets the most stringent requirements in terms of safety and performance. From impact resistance to shatterproof glass, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet every request of our customers, from locomotives to trams, up to high-speed trains. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our daily work. It is precisely the strict and scrupulous regulations of the industry that ensure to ourselves and our customers that the work done is up to what we have been asked and what the customer expects from a company like ours.

Product range

Isoclima offers a wide range of glass solutions for the railway industry, including windscreens and side windows designed to ensure safety, comfort and superior performance. Our windscreens can be made in various shapes, including flat, curved cylindrical or spherical, and are combined with an integrated heating system, which can consist of special coatings or microfiles. In addition, our glasses are thermally or chemically tempered to ensure greater resistance to impact and extreme environmental conditions. Extruded or injection-molded gaskets ensure a watertight seal, while the light alloy frame offers a robust and durable structure. The passenger side windows, available in different shapes and sizes, are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as lightweight aluminium alloy frames, infrared protection filters and integrated displays. This is demonstrated by the durable EN15152 windshield, designed to withstand speeds up to 580 km/h: it is equipped with an integral coating for the heating system, aeronautical probes for precise temperature regulation and an aluminum frame that uses the innovative "ISOCLIMA DRY FITTING SYSTEM". This system allows windshield replacement in just 20 minutes without the use of adhesives or sealants, ensuring quick and safe installation. In addition, the windscreen is equipped with an internal film, which in the event of an impact with an external agent, prevents the projection of splinters inside the cabin and ensures additional protection and durability.

Design and certified products

Isoclima is the name of reference for transparent crystals in the railway sector, thanks to our ability to design and produce windscreens, side windows, interior glazing and more, both for traditional railway vehicles and for metros and trams. Isoclima product qualifications comply with EN 15152 and NF F 15-818, and guarantee our customers maximum safety and regulatory compliance in every glass we deliver. Our customers can be assured that they receive products that comply with the most stringent industry regulations. We are proud to be the preferred partner for companies looking for cutting-edge glass solutions for their rail projects. An example? The Eurotram windscreen in Strasbourg, currently the largest dual-curvature railway windscreen in service, or the NAT windscreen, which is currently the only certified railway windscreen for fire and smoke (AFNOR NF F 16-101) in all its components, from the painting process of the light alloy frame to the electrical junction boxes, from the stamped seal to the inner film spall-free glass.