Glass for yachts: the successful collaboration between Isoclima and Sanlorenzo



The partnership between Isoclima and Sanlorenzo, a leading company in the luxury yacht market, has deep roots dating back to 2003. From the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of glass for advanced and innovative yachts to meet the needs of the market and the owners. The first project involved curved and flat glass for the Sanlorenzo SL88, characterized by structural strength and high optical performance. This was only the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration that led to the construction of numerous yachts equipped with innovative and high-quality glass, ensuring safety, comfort and exceptional performance to their owners.

Excellent results thanks to co-design and technological innovation

In the development of glass for yachts, co-design is the heart of our collaboration, allowing us to study and create futuristic products. The integration between our technical departments allows us to tackle and solve any problem effectively. Thanks to the study and tests carried out by our R&D department, we achieve important objectives in terms of performance and quality. Flexibility is a key feature of our partnership, enabling us to successfully address every challenge during project execution. From curved glass to flat glass, from side windows to panoramic canopies, each component has been designed and manufactured with extreme care to ensure uncompromising excellence. A fitting example is given by our Vision Plus, developed together with the team of Sanlorenzo: a glass that is "camouflaged" with the color of the boat to increase even more the beauty of an exceptional boat.

Turnkey service and mutual trust

Our commitment goes beyond the design and manufacture of glass for yachts: we offer a complete service, from conception to installation. This approach allows us to guarantee our customers, shipowners, total safety and 360% service. With the supply of glass for about 200 boats, the trust of our customers is the basis of our relationship with Sanlorenzo and represents our greatest success. Each glass we supply is the result of a craftsmanship and technological process that guarantees resistance, durability and excellent performance even in the most extreme conditions. Our glasses not only add aesthetic value to yachts, but also provide reliable protection against the elements and help create an unforgettable sailing experience for owners and their guests. The partnership between Isoclima and Sanlorenzo is an example of excellence in the luxury yacht industry. Thanks to our long experience in the sector and our constant search for innovation, we are able to offer glass for yachts that exceed all expectations in terms of quality, performance and design. Our dedication to the customer and our attention to detail allow us to maintain the trust of our customers and continue to be a benchmark in the industry. We are proud to contribute to the success and satisfaction of shipowners around the world and we look forward to continuing this extraordinary collaboration with Sanlorenzo for many years to come.