Shatterproof glass: following the legislation while maintaining high levels of quality



People are quick to use the word quality: for many, it is a concept that takes on distinctly different characteristics depending on the industry and on the product or service offered.

As far as we are concerned, following the legislation in the field of shatterproof glass is just a further element of the quality of our products.

Since our establishment, we have always focused on excellence, driven by the desire to satisfy the customer in terms of products and advice.

How do we do that? How do we stand out from the crowd? In this article we will talk about just that – of how our surfaces meet even the most discerning requirements.


Training combined with passion

The legislation on shatterproof glass not only requires the painstaking implementation of a specific production protocol; it also provides for a series of actions that the company may or may not decide to take. One of these is training, which falls within the sphere of actions that every business can decide whether or not to provide and to what extent.

For us, training is key to achieving quality.

We carefully check incoming raw materials, the way the plants work, and how the workflow progresses. All this is done by highly qualified personnel trained via specific specialisation courses.

Every product installed is “tracked” even after delivery, with specific follow-up questions to those who handled the project. All of this helps us understand how we can improve yet further.


Our internal quality control standards


Apart from the legislation on shatterproof glass, one of our specialisations regards not only the production of glass, but, above all, the analysis of any defects it may have.

Through mistakes we learn what to improve, and we act with - and on - the team in order to do so.

Furthermore, all of our products are created following the rationale of a controlled supply chain. To this end, they come with a Rote Card, which allows us to retrace the entire production process, providing information on the raw materials used and the production staff involved. Such comprehensive monitoring also allows us to reduce production waste and to observe the specifications provided.

How do we develop our products? DFMEA and PIFMEA studies form the starting point for highlighting particular challenges and analysing every aspect concerning both the glass and the glass manufacturers, for the safe validation of the entire process.