Tempered curved glass: the excellence that takes shape



The evolution in glass production has reached extraordinary heights with the introduction of tempered curved glass. These extraordinary glass panels, made through a combination of advanced bending and tempering techniques, offer a level of design and resistance that goes far beyond expectations.
This exceptional product has opened up new possibilities in the world of architecture and design, making it possible to create safe and durable curved surfaces.

Characteristics and peculiarities

One of the most distinctive features of tempered curved glasses is their ability to withstand deformation caused by curvature.
Thanks to sophisticated production processes, the glass is heated to controlled temperatures, allowing modeling in curved shapes without compromising its resistance. This makes it possible to use tempered curved glass in applications where shape is crucial, such as facades of iconic buildings, balustrades and parapets, partition walls or decorative design elements. In addition, tempered curved glass retains all the safety features that are typical of standard tempered glass.
In the event of breakage, it shatters into small, non-sharp granules, minimising the risk of injury. This property makes it an ideal choice for environments where safety is paramount. For example, it is often used in public spaces such as shopping malls and airports, where the combination of design and security is crucial.

Outstanding applications and cutting-edge design

Tempered curved glass has opened new horizons in the world of architectural design and is increasingly used in the marine industry.
Their fluid and sinuous shapes allow the creation of iconic buildings that defy traditional architectural conventions and mega yachts. This innovative technology has allowed architects to express their creativity in ways never seen before, creating unique and extraordinary spaces. In addition to architecture and boating, tempered curved glass is also used in interior decoration, helping to create modern and enveloping environments. At Isoclima we are a leader in the production of large tempered curved glass, a striking example of how technological innovation can transform a traditional material such as glass into an extraordinary product. Their ability to combine curved shapes with exceptional strength makes them an unparalleled design element. The wide applicability in fields such as architecture and the nautical industry testifies to their growing popularity and the enthusiasm they arouse among architects and designers around the world.