New Giulia Radiomobile 2.0


On the 17th May, at Centro Stile, new Alfa Romeo headquarter based in Turin, the new Giulia Radiomobile 2.0 Turbo 200 HP was presented.

The vehicle, destined for the Carabinieri, is equipped with technologically advanced elements, including bullet-resistant windscreen, anti-penetration sidelights and backlight, all parts supplied by Isoclima.

These new Alfa Romeo Giulia strengthen the historic partnership between Alfa Romeo and the Carabinieri, born after Ward War II when all the Gazelles had the Biscione brand. The first Alfa Romeo of the Arma was the 1900 M Matta in 1951. The following year, with the sedan 1900, the Gazelle was born. Gazelle represents the concept of emergency response: fast, agile and resistant.

We are glad of our long-lasting partnership with STELLANTIS and proud to make our contribution to the protection of vehicles destined for Law Enforcement in Italy.

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