Shatterproof glass: installation, advantages and composition


Shatterproof glass is a very special product, from composition through to installation.

Shatterproof glass is so called because it ensures excellent safety. It is designed to protect people and objects by preventing the glass from shattering dangerously inwards as a result of an external attack or accidental impact.

The glass’ composition depends on the degree of protection required. Basic shatterproof glass is obtained by laminating a sheet of glass with a suitable interlayer that makes the end product strong and durable. It ensures a high level of protection in the event of breaking by preventing dangerous fragments from being thrown into the passenger compartment, which could result in injury to the occupants.

Our response to this need is OmniGard®, a solution that has long been adopted by all the Italian police forces, such as Polizia di Stato, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza.


Our shatterproof glass range


Before we deal with the installation of shatterproof glass, it is important to know the different types of products that we at Isoclima offer.

We offer products that are specific to our customers' needs, offering even exceptionally high levels of protection.

OmniLite® is a product made up of two or more glass surfaces, interlayered with special plastics based on the level of strength required.

How do we ensure that our glass is truly strong and durable? For the highest levels of protection, we apply the “axe test, ”which ensures that the glass elements (roof and windscreens) mounted on the cabs of earthmoving or forestry machines resist impact from stones, bulky debris and large branches. The glass used in this case is approved in accordance with Standard EN356 and is tested to withstand a minimum number of blows by a blunt, forged steel object (blade) having a mass of approximately 2 kg, capable of exerting an extremely high localised impact force.


Installation of shatterproof glass: how OmniGard® works


The installation of shatterproof glass does not always follow the same procedure.

It all depends on the shatterproof level required. OmniGard®, for example, is the easiest shatterproof glass to installavailable on the market, as it is characterised by a minimal increase in thickness and is fully compatible with the vehicle's standard structure.

Furthermore, the installation of OmniGard® products does not require any complex work or dedicated equipment, as its installation procedure is exactly the same as for standard vehicle glazing. This also means that work to the vehicle is kept to a minimum, with no impact on the window seals and window openers.

Finally, a characteristic shared by all our shatterproof glass products is their approval for road use under ECE-R43. This offers the installer and the end customer the guarantee of having a product tested and validated in accordance with the most stringent European standards, and of a quality equivalent to the product originally designed for the vehicle.