Isoclima Laminated Glass, the birth of an exclusive product.


Isoclima Laminated Glass, the birth of an exclusive product.

Large-size curved laminated glass is one of the leading products for which we are known and respected worldwide. Following a number of technologies applied and developed over time, this creation helped to make us global leaders in the high performance glass industry.

As with all our products, laminated glass involves the continuous search for perfection, quality and extreme technical specifications that reflect our innovation and ingenuity. Laminated glass is designed for people's safety on land, in the air and in the water.

When it comes to laminated glass, as well as other products, we respond to every need and product customisation as per the customer's requirements.

The distinctive features and characteristics of laminated glass

Laminated glass manufacture, using Privalite liquid crystal film, began in 2001, along with another important milestone: the launch of chemically-strengthened curved laminated glass production for the shipping sector.

In the case of laminated glass specifically, we at Isoclima successfully captured the material's specific characteristics and potential based on a number of additional functionalities. The outstanding quality of the glass is ensured by our exclusive "in sacco" lamination technology and the use of proprietary adhesive agents. But these aren't the only outstanding features. The combined use of differentiated elastic module interlayers means it meets diverse and varied safety requirements in any setting.

Furthermore, the integration into the laminateof functional elements for solar control, acoustic control and the decorative pattern satisfy the most complex energy and aesthetic requirements.

Each industry has its own type of glass

The elegant beauty of curved or flat laminated glass is ideal for many industries that require the production of large and highly technological details and accessories that meet both quality and safety standards.

Isoclima products meet three criteria: quality, safety and aesthetics. Every one of our designs satisfies each of these three equally important requirements. 

We've worked hard to get here and to become a reference point for reliability as well as versatility, enabling us to create patented advanced and certified solutions, adopted by the major companies worldwide, from automotive to shipping.