Workplace Health and Safety: The Croatian company, Lipik Glas, reported zero accidents in a year



Companies that work at significant industrial levels, such as ours, must necessarily adopt workplace health and safety policies that are accurate and precise.

Given that legislation governing this topic is extremely vast and complex, it is up to organisations and to those who are part of them, to find the right way to apply the regulations without complicating their collaborators’ work.

Provisions, measures, assessments and monitoring are all steps that are commonplace in our Italian and foreign plants. This is certainly the case of Lipik Glas, one of our companies in Croatia that has achieved a very important milestone: an entire year without workplace accidents.


Working well, working safely


We have often talked about our designs, creations and have shown several significant works carried out for prestigious clients. Behind all this, are the men and women that skilfully work to guarantee top-performing transparent products.

This would not be possible without adequate workplace health and safety regulations, as stressed by Lipik Glas Croatia management. For us at Isoclima Group (and for our “satellite companies”), health and safety are at the core of our daily activities, and it is the concrete demonstration of the employers’ sense of responsibility.

We achieve similar results thanks to constant attention to these dynamics, and to the specific training of collaborators to provide the safest possible working conditions.

This is further encouraged by highly technological and innovative equipment that provides maximum safety and operability.


A priority that leads to important goals


Dorian Knapić, Plant Director of Lipik Glas, is delighted and proud of the results achieved. For the past two years, the company has significantly strengthened their preventive action to minimise the risk of injury in the workplace, putting workplace health and safety first.

A priority that never took second place. The results are clear.

In 365 days, there were no accidents of any type. Lipik Glas has worked so well at a strategic and business level that it was able to avoid dangerous accidents for its collaborators.

In a sector where, given the particular nature of the work, it is extremely easy to have accidents, such an achievement fills us with pride.

Congratulations, Lipik Glas!