Technology and innovation respecting the environment


Environmental sustainability: why we have decided to save the planet with our work

Some people call it corporate social responsibility, but we simply say "following our hearts". We believe that protecting our eco-system lies outside the logic of the market and beyond legal requirements. It's something that we should simply do, following on from measures to help safeguard our bountiful planet that provides us shelter and such beauty.

Isoclima has always been synonymous with products that are at the cutting edge in terms of sustainability. We continually seek alternative design solutions that will reduce our products' environmental impact. We pursue this principle in every sphere, from nautical to automotive. We implement innovative measures to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, without compromising on performance.

Our winning strategy

When it comes to technique, execution, workmanship and environmental sustainability, our company is continuously evolving.  We recently defined our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy in order to formally pursue environmental and social initiatives, always an integral part of the Isoclima Group.

Over a decade ago, we adopted a certified management system compliant with the most advanced international environmental standards (ISO 14001), but we have now decided that we can do much, much more.

We currently measure our environmental performance according to the latest and most up-to-date regulatory frameworks, pursuing a long-term greenhouse gas reduction programme as envisaged by Agenda 2030 and by other initiatives at European and global level.

Past, present and future: sustainability has always been a part of our business

Our company's philosophy of environmental sustainability dates back to 1977. There hasn't been a day when we haven't sought to protect our environment. Since then we have invested in employee training, providing an in-depth and crucial understanding of environmental aspects. For us, involving employees in the sustainable growth of the company and of the Isoclima Group was logical and natural. Because nature is part of what we do, especially in our work.

We want to achieve something even more significant next year, valuing the targets reached yet tackling the challenges ahead, in the knowledge that we will always win through. We have planned our attainment of ISO 140641 certification, which will allow us to quantify  greenhouse gas emissions, implement carbon management policies and communicate them to our stakeholders to begin a virtuous cycle aimed at the care and protection of our planet.