Waiting for Christmas with ALIDARTE and ISOCLIMA


On Sunday 4 December, the AlidArte association welcomed many families and children to their headquarters, Piccola Accademia Giuseppe Vignato, holding creative workshops dedicated to Christmas.

The workshops consist of: recovery and transformation of plastics, papers, caps, coffee pods, old decorations and so on, giving life to Christmas decorations, to then decorate the houses in this magical period of the year

Furthermore, the Isoclima company has set up a large Christmas tree in its courtyard with decorations made in the artistic workshop in November.

A special guest also came to visit the children, directly from Santa's gift factory... the elf Singollo! A fantastic helper for workshops too. We thank Stefano Fasolo!

The π—”π—­π—œπ—˜π—‘π——π—˜π—Άπ—»π—”π—₯π—§π—˜ project with Isoclima is conceived and coordinated by Silvia Greggio. Workshops curated by the artists Cristina Masiero, Carolina Guzman and Alessandra Trevisan, with the contribution of Gloria Borsoni.

We sincerely thank you for this wonderful collaboration!

For more information on the AlidArte Association click here

Art workshops at the AlidArte headquarters
Art workshops at the AlidArte headquarters
Art workshops at the AlidArte headquarters