Transparent solutions

The state of the art in high-efficiency products for each high-performance industry: from automotive to marine, from military vehicles to rail, from aerospace to architecture.

Whatever your transparency needs, Isoclima can come up with the right answer to your requirements.

We develop innovative transparencies with a focus on excellence that cater to the needs of the various industries we serve: Automotive, Marine, Military, Rail, Aerospace, and Architecture.

  • Multilayered products made up of glass, ceramic and plastic, to provide bulletproof, burglar-proof or smash-proof properties for the automotive and rail industries, the military, and architectural market;
  • Multilayered ion-exchange chemically strengthened panels, featuring vastly superior mechanical strength, incorporating systems offering high solar protection, commonly required for marine and automotive applications;
  • Monolithic or multilayered panels made from plastic or hybrid/plastic, for aerospace and automotive applications, in both the racing world and for on-road use.

The cutting-edge status of the technological solutions we have developed, and our ongoing efforts in research and innovation, mean we are in a position to offer our customers custom, tested and certified products, with the option of taking a co-engineering approach, which sees us work alongside the most prestigious companies across the globe.

Each type of product is certified according to the reference standards for the relevant market.

Stories of Innovation


The heart of Isoclima, the place where game-changing solutions are designed, produced and tested, destined to become standards of excellence in their own right.




Security and bulletproof aesthetically appealing functionality todeliver ballistic resistance to the highest industry standards, extreme light weight, and amazing optical quality, which also comes in two specialist options, ProtectPlus+ and Hyperarmor.




The ultimate in ultra-hi-tech security products designed to protect against medium-calibre firearms and multi-hit threats. 




The only STANAG-certified solution in the world designed to deliver unbeatable protection against attack with military-calibre weapons and grenades.



Discover the revolution

Energy-production glass

POWERGLAX is revolutionary and disruptive photovoltaic technology that transform any transparent glass into a powerful and sustainable source of green energy



Smash-proof innovation in a product that's easy to fit, while offering unrivalled strength, designed specifically for the automotive industry.




A unique and innovative solution set to make protecting yourself from outside light easy and immediate in any field of application.




The result of cutting-edge technology, this is the ideal solution for shielding electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices, insulating the vehicle and making it secure.




Omnilite® is a solution from Isoclima designed to combine impressive anti-bandit properties with lightness and clarity that are superior to those of similar products.




A solution packed with innovative value to ensure privacy by dynamically and effortlessly transforming spaces and interiors with a single click.




Combining the fire resistance of glazing with the style of luxury superyachts: Fireplus has met this design challenge with a solution that marries technology and flexibility.




VisionPlus provides an effective solution to the need for different viewing experiences between rooms that, by ensuring light reflects off the glass asymmetrically, highlights the geometric pattern of the transparencies for one-way viewing.