Protecting yourself from sunlight has never been simpler.

A unique and innovative solution set to make protecting yourself from outside light easy and immediate in every field of application.

The product of Isoclima R&D division's decades of experience, Cromalite® is a laminated product that incorporates an electrochromic film based on SPD technology (Suspended Particles Device), designed to control solar radiation and vary its tint in a matter of seconds.

The system works based on an electric field capable of orienting the suspended particles inside the film.  In addition to boosting sun protection significantly, it also provides excellent visibility and, at the same time, is perfect for creating privacy.

By allowing light transmission to be reduced by anything from 55% to 1%, Cromalite® finds application in the automotive, marine and building industries, as well as in aerospace.

Their impressive performance has earned Cromalite® panels certification to European CENELEC standards.

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BMW Active Tourer Concept _ Cromalite roof
Expo 2015, Padiglione USA_Cromalite roof