Isoclima's response to electromagnetic protection needs.

The result of cutting-edge technology, Emigard® is the ideal solution for shielding electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices, insulating the vehicle and data being transmitted and making both secure.

Emigard® is a multilayered product made up of laminated glass or a glass and polycarbonate composite, incorporating a special shielding system that can consist in a wire mesh or a clear, conductive nanocoating, or in a combination of the two. The solution featuring the nanocoating ensures great clarity and sufficient electromagnetic shielding to protect sensitive data and to protect people from harmful radiation.

Emigard®, like all the other products conceived in Isoclima's R&D centre, is a certified panel that comes with the peace of mind of recognized standards.

Its key markets are the marine, aerospace, and military sectors, andall industries that call for a system that can protect data as well as people's health, at the same time delivering perfect clarity.