Fire protection with all the style of luxury superyachts

The issue of fire resistance for superyacht structures has become a focal point with the use of these vessels now extending to passenger charters. The new regulatory framework has meant the requirements for transparencies now also extend to fire resistance, which was traditionally the prerogative of cruise liners, ferries and merchant ships. Isoclima has seized on this new demand from one of its target markets by designing solutions that meet the need to have a product that blends seamlessly with the yacht's style, minimizing the design impacts resulting from the fire resistance function. FirePlus® is not just fire-resistant glazing, it's a transparency system that pairs structural requirements with flush  outer surface design and enviable flexibility to fit in with its architectural setting.

The use of fireproof glazing with latest generation inorganic gels caters to A0-rated through to A60-rated protection requirements.

FirePlus® allows for use on both flat and curved geometries, while the inorganic nature of its components gives the product its significant stability under different service conditions.


The engineering of the joints connecting the glass with the structure - minutely designed to minimize the architectural impact - has resulted in flexibility qualities that allow for its effortless integration in a whole range of application conditions.