Privacy to the nth degree

A solution packed with innovative value that allows glass surfaces to be used as elements capable of transforming spaces and interiors dynamically and effortlessly, without losing any of its extraordinary optical quality.

Isolite® incorporates a PDLC film (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) and has been developed to create welcoming, light-filled interiors that can quickly be converted to private, confidential spaces.

Ongoing research into developing a panel that can deliver unrivalled levels of clarity, UV resistance, and electrical safety, while maintaining optical qualities, has been rewarded with the creation of Isolite®, the best solution for switching from clear to a state of translucency practically instantaneously at the touch of a switch.


When switched off, the Isolite® panel goes opaque, making it impossible to see in or out.

These excellent properties make Isolite® suitable for use in numerous industries - from automotive to marine - but, above all, in architecture and in interior design solutions, such as partitions in offices and commercial buildings.