Security and bulletproof aesthetically appealing functionality.

Omniarmor® is the result of ongoing research and innovation efforts whose end aim is to produce a bulletproof solution that delivers ballistic resistance to the highest industry standards, with an excellent weight-to-strength ratio and amazing optical and aesthetic quality.

With its flat or curved structure - which combines the properties of polycarbonate with those of glass to stop spalling - Omniarmor® is designed to withstand high-intensity fire, even in conjunction with attempts to smash the glass, while still being lighter than panels made purely from glass. This makes it suitable for various solutions in the automotive, marine, military and building fields.


Omniarmor® is synonymous with innovation and proven quality, as attested by its international certifications. It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that it has been chosen by major partners internationally for its strength, lightness and optical quality.

Today, it proves its worth in the protection of both civilian and military armoured vehicles, marine applications, as well as in public, residential and commercial buildings.