Smash-proof innovation

Excellence in attention to every detail, and in-depth experience in the field, come together in a product that is easy to fit, while offering unrivalled strength, designed specifically for the automotive industry.

A solution, used by the world's top car brands, that exploits the vehicle's standard-issue toughened or laminated glass, making it secure with the application of one or more layers of plastic on the inside, thus giving it its smash-proof quality.

By using the vehicle's original windows, and applying plastics that have been selected and researched by our R&D team, resulting in a very small increase in thickness, installing Omnigard® does not entail any structural alteration to the vehicle, other than refitting the windows.

With its extraordinary strength, Omnigard® finds application in, amongst others, the vehicles of some ofthe most decorated Police Forces in the world, especially those brought in to deal with disturbances and rioting.