Bespoke protection and quality.

As part of our OMNIARMOR family, we have developed niche products to provide a targeted response to specific demands from the civilian or paramilitary armoured vehicle markets, with ProtectPlus+ and - catering to the demand for even greater protection - with our Hyperamor solution. These are extremely hi-tech products, with the shared quality of offering high levels of protection - even when taking multi-hit fire - with a marked emphasis on lightness.

ProtectPlus+ allows customers to identify the solution that best meets their needs and is at the top end of a line of products - intended for export markets - designed to protect against medium-calibre firearms and multi-hit threats.

The range can be broken down into 4 families, including: ProtectPlus+ Lightweight, the ideal choice where lightness is a priority; ProtectPlus+, for integrated edge protection; and ProtectPlus+ Performance, designed to withstand rapid (multi-hit) fire and threats up to 7.62 x 51. All these products have been tested to the most widely recognized international standards EN 1063 BR4, VPAM PM4 and NIJ IIIA.

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