The first-ever BMW i7 Protection, the new BMW 7 Series Protection

In the wake of a historic collaboration that spans almost three decades, Isoclima and BMW present a new chapter of excellence: i7 Protection & New BMW 7 Series Protection.


BMW has crossed a new frontier, introducing the armored versions of the 7 Series and its electric counterpart i7. This is an epochal step, with the i7 standing out as the first electric-powered armored sedan. Both models offer high ballistic protection, passing the rigorous tests established by the German association, which evaluates materials resistant to attacks in conditions without limitations: from attacks with firearms to resistance to explosions according to the PAS 300 classification, and even attacks with drones and hand grenades.

With molded armor of reinforced steel, protected by underbody and roof armor, these vehicles incorporate cutting-edge technology that raises protection to new standards.

The glass, obviously armored, offers an effective defense against 7.62x54R caliber ammunition, classified as "armor-piercing projectiles", representing one of the highest level threats according to the VPAM 10 classification. Subjected to the most severe ballistic tests, the armored glass has demonstrated exceptional stability, fully complying with customer requirements. A crucial detail to point out is that the armor is integrated while the car is still on the production line. This synergistic process between BMW and Isoclima is the fruit of a partnership that has lasted almost three decades and continues to churn out unprecedented innovations.


Isoclima armoring technology applied to BMW: an alliance against threats


In the constant effort to guarantee safety and innovation, Isoclima has established a milestone for BMW in the automotive sector: the creation of armored glass, capable of resisting "armor-piercing bullets" according to the rigorous VPAM 10 standards. This innovation represents a leap forward in the field of automotive safety.


The most severe ballistic tests have confirmed the extraordinary sealing capacity of these armored glasses, which far exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.


What further distinguishes this technology is the process of integrating the armor during the production phase of the car. This operational synergy helps ensure that passenger safety is an integral part of the vehicle's DNA, rather than a mere afterthought.


The implementation of this revolutionary armoring technology is a clear sign of Isoclima's determination to provide its customers with the highest level of security possible. This is not just physical protection, but a tangible demonstration of the constant attention to safety that permeates the company's entire design and manufacturing process.


Superior power and protection


This new frontier in automotive safety raises the bar, setting new standards in the industry. With armor technology designed by Isoclima, customers can drive with the confidence that their safety is at the heart of everything BMW produces. It's not just a car. It's a fortress on wheels, ready to defend against the most demanding challenges and ensure maximum peace of mind on the road.


Glass safety in the automotive sector is of crucial importance for several reasons. First of all, glass constitutes a fundamental barrier against impacts and collisions, protecting passengers from debris and external damage. Furthermore, the ballistic resistance of armored glass offers a vital defense against criminal or terrorist threats, ensuring a protected environment inside the passenger compartment. In summary, automotive glass safety is a critical aspect that contributes significantly to the protection of human lives and the overall improvement of road safety.


BMW has once again demonstrated that it is at the forefront of combining luxury, sustainability and safety, in which we have collaborated with our world-class technologies. With the new 7 Series and i7, the company not only redefines the concept of luxury flagship, but does so with a concrete commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

We are thrilled to see these revolutionary models on the roads, marking a new chapter in BMW's long history of innovation.

“Combine the advanced technology of Isoclima with the craftsmanship of BMW, and you get exceptional protection.” Proud of this latest achievement of one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world, and of which we are proud partners.