Since 1982, Isoclima has been the supplier of armoured glass for vehicles in the Presidential car pool. The latest in the series is the sixth-generation four-door Maserati Quattroporte. All the vehicle's windows are designed to withstand high-calibre bullets. Once developed in collaboration with the car brand, the vehicle was tested at the Santa Severa military firing ground before it could be handed over to the President.

Isoclima has developed and patented special technical solutions with a view to providing the best possible protection, without detriment to function and looks: windscreens, and side and rear windows are reinforced around the edges with sheets of ballistic steel. With this design, we managed to produce frameless side door windows for Maserati, without reducing the size of the door opening, thus retaining optimal aesthetic design, thanks to the special care taken in polishing the glass edges and the meticulous application of the ballistic reinforcement. Isoclima was the first company in the world to introduce this technical solution, ensuring excellent longevity: a design solution still known to this day as the "Isoclima polished edge".