The 83.5m-long Savannah superyacht built by the Feadship group is an example of an extreme, innovative application of glazing solutions.

More specifically, the co-engineering project involving Isoclima and Feadship really took future thinking to the next level with the Nemo Lounge, creating semi-submerged glazing that provides a unique window on to the underwater world no matter what the sea conditions.

This concept was brought to fruition via a design and build journey that proved particularly challenging given the combination of technologies used and the need to qualify the product for unusual and extreme risk scenarios.

By pushing the boundaries of ion-exchange chemical strengthening technologies, we were able to keep the structural glass panel within acceptable limits, while the use of transparent plastic panels allowed us to achieve a level of safety that exceeds the mandated minimum requirements, providing clear viewing under all outside conditions.

The end result is an unusual and mesmerizing way of observing marine life: from the comfort of a luxury lounge, protected by Isoclima glazing.