Innovative translucency, taking decorative glass to the next level

Different outside lighting (mainly daylight) and inside lighting conditions are deftly exploited by VisionPlus to give the ultimate in translucency. VisionPlus takes the structural properties of glass and employs them in conjunction with ContraVision® technology to produce a functional fusion, creating a one-way effect depending on the lighting levels in the different environments.

The precise use of skilfully applied latest generation ceramic printing means the resulting glass produces different reflection and transmission responses, creating the one-way effect.

In addition to the one-way effect, VisionPlus allows for colour combinations - which are sure to appeal to designers - allowing glazing elements to blend in with the adjacent structures.


Glazed surfaces are a weak point when it comes to overheating interiors.

With Vision Plus technology, radiation can be reduced along with annoying reflections.

Vision Plus for yachting Sector