Discover the revolution - Energy-product glass

POWERGLAX is revolutionary and disruptive photovoltaic technology that transform any transparent glass into a powerful and sustainable source of green energy.


Powerglax is a new glass – based on photovoltaic technology characterized by revolutionary advantages: 

  • Semiconductors savingsignificantreduction in the quantity of semiconductor material needs (up to 95%)
  • Product costlower cost due to replacement of silicon with glass, plastics and drastically lower semiconductors consumption
  • Uniformity & Transparency:Substantial increase in glass optical uniformity and transparency (> 90%)
  • Different sizes and shapes: Can be produced either on flat or curved panels, different sizes and shapes 
  • Different colours:transparent or coloured
  • High energy efficiency (kWh/sqm): high power generated per sqm (up to 100 W /sqm)
  • Glass durability: our technology resolves the efficiency decay due to temperature and to lifetime. Good resistance to thermal load & UV
  • Building integration:the glass module is a replacement of the conventional material rather than an addition
  • Wide sectors/applications range
  • Glass working with light power: our glass generates power with the same efficiency levels with sunny or cloudy weather
  • Any orientation:our glass allows for different orientations (i.e. vertical) and on all facades orientations (N/W/S/E)

Powerglax technology can be used either on glass (flat or curved) or plastics materias.

  • POWERGLAX for the naval sector

POWERGLAX and ISOCLIMA companies are developing several new technological energy-production glass solutions for the naval sector characterized by different architectures.

For more info please visiti https://www.powerglax.eu/

Click to watch the video about Powerglax: Video YouTube