Our History

Innovation excellence, since 1977.

Isoclima was established in 1977, in Este, in the province of Padua in Italy's Northeast, its core business to deliver glass solutions for the building industry.
With ambition and innovation running through our DNA, we soon became a market leader in the insulating glass market, and launched into the research and development of new advanced hi-tech glazing solutions that stood out for their excellent ballistic resistance. 

In our 40-plus years in the business, we have developed a series of products that have proved to be market game-changers, such as Omniarmor, Omnilite, Isolite, and many more. Advanced, certified solutions, adopted by some of the world's top companies, such as Apple, Mercedes, Audi, Azimut-Benetti, San Lorenzo, Bmw, Iveco IDV, Ferrari, Ferretti, McLaren, Leonardo, Airbus, and by the most decorated Police and Defence Forces.

The Isoclima group

Isoclima, originally part of the Finind Group (alias Finanziaria Industriale), expanded in the mid '90s with the takeover of other major glass industries in Italy and abroad, such as Isoclima de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico and, in early 2000, Lipik Glas d.o.o. in Croatia.

Since 2017, the whole multinational group has become part of the Stirling Square Capital Partners' portfolio of businesses. In 2021 Isoclima acquired two companies in the USA: Dlubak Security Glazing, Selma, Alabama, and Global Security Glazing, Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

Today, the name Isoclima stands out for the expertise gained over the years, for the high quality of its products, and for its co-engineering, earning it the enviable position of supplier to the world's most prestigious motor groups and major players from industries across the board  providing security on land, sea, and in the air.

With the extensive range on offer, Isoclima products are valued by many different industries, especially given the increasing demand for hi-tech products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

One of the distinctive qualities we are known for is our ability to meet demands of all kinds, and offer custom products that can be tailored to individual customer requirements in terms of mechanical and ballistic strength, solar protection, and energy control.

  • 1977
    Year of ISOCLIMA’s foundation – production of double-glazing windows
  • 1979
    Registered license to manufacture glass with polycarbonate
  • 1980
    1st in Europe to manufacture bullet-resistant glazings using glass+PC
  • 1981
    Manufacture of windows with polished and un-sealed edges
  • 1984
    Purchasing of a furnace for the thermal tempering process, enabling the curvature of large glazings (2.2x4m)
  • 1986
    Manufacture of micro-wire heated glazings
  • 1988
    Manufacture of products for the aerospace market
  • 1994
    Installation of a chemical strengthening plant – the largest in Europe
  • 1995
    Manufacture of composite glazings (PC or methacrylate) for the racing car market
  • 1996
    Manufacture of glazings for High-speed trains
  • 1997
    Acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Mexicali and foundation of ISOCLIMA de Mexico
  • 2000
    Installation of a "magnetron sputtering" system for the deposit of thin metal layers
  • 2001
    Manufacture of “PrivaLite” glazings with laminated liquid crystal film manufacture of glazing for the marine market (curved laminated glazings chemically strengthened)
  • 2002
    Acquisition of the manufacturing plant Lipik Glas in Croatia
  • 2005
    Manufacture of "CromaLite" glazings with SPD technology
  • 2010
    Manufacture of ultra-light glazings using Gorilla Glass
  • 2013
    Development of Iposcope products