Solutions that sail all over the world.

Bolstered by extensive experience gained in the automotive industry, we were the first to carry the concept of structural bonded glass across from the automotive industry to the marine sector, applying it to yachts from the top international builders.


Innovation knows no bounds

By eliminating the retaining frame from glass panels and using structural glass, we have presented the most visionary designers with the opportunity to give the vessels' curved and sinuous lines a seamless continuity, uninterrupted even across flush glass surfaces.

In-depth knowledge of glass manufacturing and ion-exchange chemical strengthening techniques, of issues related to bonding glass to dynamic structures, of the compatibility of the different materials used, and the ability to fine-tune the optical and energy specifications of glass products, as well as our familiarity with the different glass manufacturing and toughening techniques, have given Isoclima a leading edge in this market, with forward-thinking and innovative solutions of great interest to this industry.

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