Isoclima's sustainability policy: commitment, values and mission



Talking about sustainability may seem all too popular in this day and age, but in our case it is a value that has accompanied us since our company’s inception.

This is demonstrated by our sustainability policy, which regulates and outlines all the actions we have taken so far.

Let’s start with our historical mission and values. All of our decisions are centred around satisfying our stakeholders and aiming for the highest possible quality and performance. For many companies, this could translate into a disregard for the environment, but not for us. Our decisions are made taking into account both the customers and partners of the Isoclima Group, and our environmental ecosystem.


Our cornerstones, between past and future

People, customer experience, a capacity for innovation, and respect for the environment: Isoclima's sustainability policy is inspired by these values, which are the true cornerstones of all our work.

With us, sustainability does not just mean compliance with rules; it is deeply rooted in our DNA. This is demonstrated by the numerous environmental certifications we have achieved in terms of Management Systems, supported by social sustainability initiatives and active and proactive interventions in the territory in which we operate. Why do all this? Why combine the social sphere with the environment? The reason is simple: we want to help create a better world, in which new generations will be happy to live.

Taking action with regard to both aspects is our way of doing well by the environment and by young people alike.


Sustainability: an essential commitment

In concrete terms with regard to Isoclima’s sustainability policy, we are proud to announce our decision to adopt an environmental management system under the ISO 14001 standard, which guarantees a reduction in our environmental impact and promotes more virtuous production cycles.

Each of our products is created in energy efficient plants, powered by renewable energy sources.

We also have a structured programme to reduce waste and make a responsible and informed use of the raw and other materials that make up our products.

Isoclima adopts a corporate strategy (“One Page Integrated Strategy”) which is based on the six capitals model (financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social-relational, and natural), to guarantee a business approach based on sustainable growth.

Our strategy is expressed through 4 key points:

  •                   Measurement of the Group’s carbon footprint and development of a model ("systematic approach") for the calculation of its products’ carbon footprint;
  •                   Definition and monitoring of performance indicators relating to sustainability in order to establish the basis for annual reporting that allows Isoclima’s results to also be made public;
  •                   A commitment to defining specific action plans to achieve Carbon Neutrality;
  •                   Continuous training for staff at all levels on issues relating to sustainable growth.

The results can be seen in some of our glass products made using the best polycarbonate processing techniques, which continue to pursue our environmental commitment even after they have been installed.